3 Unique D.I.Y. Uses for Candy Tins

DIY Candy TinsWhile the most common uses of candy tins are obvious, many do-it-yourself’ers are discovering new ways to use these small containers for other purposes. Decorative candy tins have style and durability in a compact package, making them one of the most versatile options for anyone looking for a unique gift!

Magnetized Containers
With just a small adhesive magnet applied to the back or bottom of a candy tin, you can add one to your refrigerator or any other magnetic surface to create a storage space for keys, shopping lists, notepads or other tiny supplies. Keep in mind that upright, rectangular-style tins are best for this purpose – depending on what you plan to store.

Instax or Polaroid Photo Album
Film is making a comeback thanks to the popular Instax cameras. If you need a storage space for your small-format film photos, square candy tins keep excess moisture and humidity out and create the ideal environment for storing film!

Hobby Organizer
If you collect coins, stamps or other small items – candy tins are a perfect container for your collection! With different sizes and styles available in our store, you can find the right fit for your hobbies and have a clean, safe storage space for all the things you love!

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